Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adventure Fund

I taped a handwritten label onto it.
I called it my "Adventure Fund".

I figured I would just start saving my pennies and my change.
Every little bit would help.

I was in a rough place in my life... and I needed to get out.

It started with just coins..
Eventually I was able to put in bigger bills.

This little adventure fund helped me afford a rental car to get myself across the country.
It helped me get out of an abusive relationship.
In the process of saving up for a car, it was emptied to pay for Mowgli's medical bills.
Then it started to fill back up for the car, then for an apartment.
Eventually it helped me save up enough to adopt Wicket.

Right now, I'm saving up again,
for the next adventure.

This Adventure Fund may have not taking me to France just yet...
But it's helped me out with a lot of other adventures.

Because life is an adventure.
And being prepared is important.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pieces Of Her Life

I will be adding two new paintings and prints to the shop today.
I've been very excited to show you these new ones.

 "Sunshine" Original 18x20, Prints 8x10 and 5x7
I found this quote the other day, and felt it would be perfect to be included in a painting. 
This painting has lots of layers of gesso, stucco, paper, paint, and canvas. 
The original will be listed as well.
"The Musician" Original 12x12 Prints 10x10, 5x5
This one includes vintage paper, stucco, gesso, paint.
My favorite part of her is her little crown.

Mmmm I love lots of texture.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Giveaway.. Tim's Sally!

This week's giveaway is hosted by Tim's Sally.
Tim's Sally is owned and operated by my friend Mindy!

I received a friendly email from her when I had just moved to Arkansas last year.
We decided to hang out.
We didn't get to hang out often,
but when we did I had lots of fun and I learned a lot from her.
This girl convinced me to ride a Ferris Wheel and eat a fried twinkie!
Very unlike me...
(Though, now knowing about my gluten allergy.. that explains the headache I got later.)

Mindy is the artist and soul over at Tim's Sally.
She is a mixed media artist.
She paints beautiful birds, cute little girls and much more.
I love all the colors she uses.

One lucky reader will receive an 8x10 print of their choice from Tim's Sally.

So, go through her shop, give it some love, pick you favorite,
or the one you would like to win, and let me know!

Here are the rules to win: 

 1. Visit Tim's Sally on Etsy, find your very favorite thing..
And leave a comment here telling me about it.
 4. Be sure to follow this blog too! 

Leave your email or a way to contact you in one of your comments!

Remember, you need to leave a separate comment for each entry you that you do. 
This will increase your chances, since I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.

Here is the winner of last week's giveaway!

Congrats Sara! You were one of the last chance entries, way to go!

Good luck everyone!

If you would like to host a giveaway send me an email at

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day to my three great doggies! 

Even though Mowgli isn't physically here as we celebrate... 
I know his spirit is always with me.

Happy Dog Day!
It's time to give your pup some snugs and loves! 

We Danced On The Moon

Brad and I drove to the Salt Flats. 
I had never been before.  

We made an adventure out of it. 
We stopped and looked for ghost towns.
We stopped to explore in the sunshine.

Sadly we got to the Salt Flats as it started to get dark.

I tried so hard not to get disappointed.
It was a two hour drive, I didn't want it to be for nothing..

We drove to Wendover, ate french fries, got gas and turned back..

Right into the most stunning site I had ever seen.
We stopped the car and spent a good long time taking pictures of the night sky.
I left the shutter open for nearly a minute to get these photos..
No photoshop was used. The sky was brilliant.
Then I got a brilliant idea.. 
"Brad, dance with me."
Brad said, "I'm not a very good dancer.."
I say, "It will look like we are dancing on the moon!"
So there we were,
on the side of the highway as the cars and semi's blew past us... 
Dancing on the moon.
And on the drive home I mentioned to Brad, 
that this was going to be one of those memories..
you know, the ones you never let go of.

Where we stopped on the side of the road, and danced together.

To no music..
except the sound of the cars.
To no light..
Except the light of the stars.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Two new fall inspired hats!
I love fall! 
Normally, falls don't last long in Utah. 
Maybe 2 weeks. 
It likes to snow real early. 
So.. I'm celebrating early. 

My fall starts now.
I love acorns.. I used to collect them..
I miss seeing acorns everywhere.
This hat is crocheted using a few stitches to make it looks like a big fat pumpkin!
It also includes a little stem, some vines and a leaf.

Hooray for fall!

Thursday Threads- Splash of Mustard

I have started a Look Book.
I was hesitant at first..
well everyone on there seems to wear such expensive clothes! 
I do most of my shopping online, in the sale bins, at thrift stores, or handmade.

But then I figured.. why not?
Why can't I brag about my cheap-but-still-cute clothes, 
my thrift store finds, and my favorite etsy shops?

So here it goes. So far I will just do outfit posts on Thursdays. 
Paint and glue is almost ALWAYS visible on my hands...
(And clothes, and shoes, and doggies)

Mustard Yellow Slouch Hat- 
Self Made, but available at- Talk2thetrees
Floral Top-
Blue Jeans-
Moccasins- Vintage Find
Lily Necklace- JeTadoreDesigns
Messenger Bag- Target

I've never done outfit posts before.. 
I'll try to get the hang of it.
.. so, how did I do?

Any advice or tips?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Full Of Magic

The world is full of magic. 
It truly is.

Sometimes you have to look extra hard for the sunshine.

Sometimes you have to look for beauty in the ruins... the old. the forbidden places,
... and in the mysterious.
The Earth is a Sacred place. 
It is a home to all who inhabit it. 
Big and Small.
Our Mother Earth is full of treasures.
Left especially for us to find, meant to heal our hearts,
and souls.
The sun is there to shine on us.
Give us warmth,
both body and spirit.
And the trees are here to shade us.
And teach us how to persevere.
To stand our ground. 
And reach for the sky.
We live in a giant, beautiful place.
Life is full of twists and turns.
Ups and downs.
Gives and takes.
We can choose our own road.
We can be what we want to be.
No matter the twists and turns.
No matter how rough life can get.

Despite it all...

The world is a beautiful place.
Full of magic.